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Cathedral has a definite passion for customized products. Within the offered formulas, we always listen to your wishes. You decide on the different building materials and design. There is a choice between different materials, designs, but also between 30+ different types of speaker cloth, 20+ types of tolex,... This comes down to the smallest details such as the color of the wood, protective corners, etc.

Need more info about the different possibilities? Feel free to contact us.

Construction material

The sides, bottom, top and backside of the handmade cabinets are made of 18 mm pine plywood. This type of plywood is ideal due to the acoustic qualities of the wood; but above all, it offers the necessary stability and strength.

For the speaker plate / baffle, we use 18mm Baltic birch plywood. This type of plywood is more dense and stiff. This will project the sound from the speaker more directly to the front.

Aesthetically, pine plywood is the most common due to its unique flaming grain, after treatment with stain, the flames vividly jump out of the wood. This makes the cabinet a fine piece of furniture as well.

Solid pine is also an option. This application finds its proud roots within the old top-end guitar cabinets. Until the end of the sixties, they wanted to deliver the best guitar tone through solid pine.

Solid wood gives some extra character to a cabinet. Just like a guitar, the wood of a cabinet vibrates and the solid wood provides more warmth and resonance to the cabinet. This is a quality that is greatly appreciated in Jazz and Blues.

Of course other types of wood or plate material are able to be discussed.


Cathedral's cabinets are manufactured with continuous dovetail joints. This is the most robust construction method to connect two plates at a 90° angle and is more than a thousand years old. You will only encounter this time-consuming process within luxury furniture or passionate craftsmen.

There is still no worthy replacement for the quality that a dovetail joint offers. Once the joint is glued, it becomes perfectly airtight. That is why Cathedral fully supports this connection. In terms of construction quality, we like to go beyond reaching the limit. The dovetail joint is not only in terms of strength, but also aesthetically the flagship of Cathedral's cabinets.


Once built, the cabinet is completely sanded. A flawless and smooth surface is required to apply the desired color.

The pigment is applied with stain instead of paint. Stain penetrates deep into the pores of the wood and also provides an extra protective layer. The final touch is a few layers of scratch-resistant satin varnish, which provides a beautiful shine and protection against dirt and moisture.

The cabinet can also be finished with tolex (fake leather). For all available types and prices, please contact us.

Speaker choice

The most important part in a guitar cabinet is without a doubt the speaker itself.

Every music style, amp and sound requires a specific speaker. 'One size fits all' does not exist. Therefore, there will not be a certain speaker that will be suitable for everyone. Let Cathedral guide you through its experience in choosing a suitable speaker for your cabinet.

Often a combination of speakers is very interesting to create a broad and dynamic sound. A combination ensures that the cabinet can be used in stereo and will give you the opportunity to play on different speakers in one cabinet.

Do you have your own speakers to use in your Cathedral cabinet? No problem, we will install them with pleasure.

Finished Product

The very last step is the spiritual moment when the back panel is screwed into the cabinet. The speakers are concealed like a mummy, sealed in his sarcophagus from the sunlight to just let themselves be heard.

After the logo has been added, the magical moment comes when each cabinet is tested at high power as a baptism of fire. Roar!

Once the walls are cracked, the Cathedral cabinet is ready to storm the stage. You have never seen so much love for wood, craft and music all together, and above all… Handmade in Belgium!

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