Richie Faulkner

Judas Priest

enters the Cathedral of tone

Have you ever seen a living guitar legend pose next to his Cathedral cabinet? No? Take another look, cause now you have.

A while ago we got the chance to meet the almighty Richie Faulkner, lead guitarist of the legendary Judas Priest. We built him a 212 ‘The Priest’ guitar cabinet as a gift. He was quite happy with his custom made Cathedral and asked us to send it to his studio back home in Miami, so he could baptise it with some #eavyfaulkinmetal.

We made this cabinet while listening non stop to the Firepower album, just to make sure she was raised on good heavy metal. Hope to hear this beauty on the next Judas Priest album!

Fleddy Melculy

Belgian metal at it's finest

Belgian guitar cabs AND amazing quality? That's Cathedral!

Those are the two main reasons why Fleddy Melculy did not hesitate to contact Dries. We've got six oversized cabs that we call "A White Wall of Sound", it will make us sound like a horde of rampaging apes on tour.

Cathedral cabs are without a doubt the most heavy cabs we have ever seen and heard. They are also usefull as beer tables, amazing!

- X Fleddy


The best death metal Belgium has to offer

Happy to announce we've officialy partnered with Carnation. They will deliver our Cathedral of tone to many stages across mainland Europe. We had to put a lot of time into this order but look at that result, absolutely beautiful! Carnation commented: 'These cabinets were constructed with absolute precision and built to last for centuries. Next to their robust design, they provide us with a sound unlike anything we've ever heard before, lifting our stage sound up to the next level. We can't wait to start performing live with these mighty constructs.'

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Frank Rotthier

recording engineer/mixer @ Trix & Rockstar Recordings

I decided to have Dries from Cathedral cabinets build me a few guitarcabs for the studio because I knew the build quality/craftmanship was top-notch. I now own a couple of Priest (2x12”) and Bishop (4x12”) cabs and they deliver big time when I’m tracking in the studio. I have different speakers in each cab and I just line them up and we just swap amps & cabs depending on the sound the band/myself are after. It has been said before but the speaker cab has a huge impact on the guitar tone, maybe even the biggest (more than the amp itself) These cabs look astounishing and are built to last!

Didier Boost

Sons Of A Wanted Man

After having used different cabinets by different manufactures in the past, I coincidentally came across Cathedral Cabs by trading a guitar with Dries. Initially, I was a little apprehensive, because I was not convinced that a hand-built cabinet could provide a significant improvement to my overall sound. This was clearly a misconception, because from the first chord I struck through the Cathedral, I was blown away by the deep, massive and articulated sound it produced. The balance between a thick wall of sound and absolute clarity was exactly what I needed for my band ‘Sons Of A Wanted Man’ both live and in the studio. Just as the sound, the craftmanship of Cathedral is in a league of its own, with beautiful aesthetics and an amazing attention to detail. What convinced me most to keep working with Cathedral, however, is the personalised, professional and quick service of Dries.

PJ Turlinckx


Having 3 Cathedral priests in my studio is a great addition to my former studio set-up for guitar recording. I have two closed backs and one open back, each of which is set up with different speakers that complement one another. This gives me endless possibilities to find the perfect guitar sound for each project. No matter if it’s Black metal, Postrock or even Blues, all you need is an amp and these cabinets. While working on a production, I like to invest time in finding the perfect source tone. These cabinets have never failed me in that respect. Moreover, combining amps and cabinets to create a unique sound, gives me plenty of options, using this set-up. Picking the right cabinet overrides the choice of amp. The look and finish of these cabinets – by no means irrelevant – show excellent craftsmanship. A wall of Cathedrals might look impressive on stage, but certainly does in a studio as well.

Jonathan Verstrepen


I've experimented a lot over the years in finding the right guitar sound, bought several cabs until I thought it could not sound any better. When we got to know Dries with his Cathedral cabs, it quickly became clear that it could be much better. With the first note I played on this hand-built cab, I immediately got goose bumps. Everything sounds so much cleaner and more powerful now. The combination of the speakers complement each other very well, not to mention the view of these beautiful cabs, simply top notch! 11/10

Yarne Heylen


The moment we decided to do work together with Cathedral, I already knew that I wanted something unique, something nobody else had. A standard 8x10 missed depth and a 4x10/1x15 missed definition. We skipped the crazy idea to build a 6x10/2x15 on Dries’ advice because it would have been overkill. Instead, Dries came up with the ideal solution: a 6x10/2x12 bass cabinet. You can hear this 1600W monster all the way from behind the biggest festival tent and it gives me goosebumps every time. Super clear mids, extremely deep bass and no chance that I would have to step off the stage unheard. The beautiful and customized looks ensure that I never leave the stage unseen. Both in the studio and on stage, this bass cabinet literally and figuratively blows all other brands away and my volume knob has not passed beyond line 1 ever since.

Bert Vervoort


Dries from Cathedral has built me the best guitar cab I had ever heard and seen. My cabinet is a Pope with no less than six 12"speakers, I think this is the wet dream of every guitarist. Following Dries' advice, we used a combination of two different speakers whose frequencies complement each other very well. This ensures a full and fat but also a very clear and tight sound. The studio has shown that these two speakers supplement each other very nicely. The finish and quality of these cabs are superior. I’m a woodworker myself and I’m in love with the beautiful crafted dovetail joints that are used to make this cab. You can’t buy anything similar in the music store. My cab is built to last a lifetime!

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